Vintage Italian Brass Lamps

Vintage Italian Brass Lamps are a great way to bring the harmony of the past back into everyday life. They can add a touch of romance and fun to any room, adding charm and beauty that only time can truly bring. The charm of vintage lamps comes from their rich and warm colors, intricate details and simple designs. The styles and colors of these lamps make them ideal for adding warmth and character to any room in your home, hotel, restaurant, bar or pub.


Italian Contemporary Lighting

Many people love the style and color of retro-vintage designer lamps. With “Ghidini Giovanni Battista” you will find a vast offer and diversification of Italian contemporary lighting. All of these lighting fixtures come, for the most part, with a light satin bronze brass finish, which gives them a nice old world charm. There is no doubt that these lighting fixtures make your home cozy and lovely.

The retro-vintage lamps deliver classic, charming and sophisticated look. This is the result of an innovation from a bygone era when lighting was not as sophisticated as it is today. Our contemporary lighting items often have a very distinctive look. You will find that each of these lamps has its own character, which adds to their original charm. In this field we offer a large variety of high quality choices. Also this means you are sure to find the perfect vintage design lamp to meet your decorating needs.

italian contemporary lighting ghidini giovanni battista
vintage italian floor lamps ghidini giovanni battista
contemporary designer lighting ghidini giovanni battista

Another design style can be found in homes today is the designer lamp. Contemporary designer lighting is the result of the desire to combine brilliant minds with the experience of manufacturers. Furthermore, these Italian lamps are often placed in the foyer of a house or hotel. Probably because they are considered the most elegant and chic. This type of lamp design usually creates a feeling of calm and serenity in any room.

brass globe lighting ghidini giovanni battista

Brass Globe Lighting

The next style of vintage design lamps is brass globe lighting. Often this type of lamps displays brass structure and a white, opaque or glossy glass, in the shape of a sphere. These lamps make an excellent choice for use in a home setting because they have a beautiful soft glow making them suitable for placing anywhere in a room. This style is also available in different shapes and finishes, so you will find a wide range of original and high quality items typical of our Made in Italy craftsmanship.