Rustic Italian Lighting

If you are looking for the true Italian rustic Lighting, you will surely appreciate the originality of our country lamps. Our brass lamps are perfect for any pub, bar, restaurant, home, office or hotel that wants to add a rural touch to the decor. With our extensive offering, it’s easy to find the right rustic lamp for your design projects.


Brass Rustic Italian Lighting

Our rustic indoor lamps add wonderful accents to interior designs where nature and visual warmth are predominant. In fact, these products are in great demand in bars and pubs, where our lighting items are able to create a welcoming atmosphere for customers.

The choice of lamp design will depend on the decor of your home and the mood you want to set. Many people love creations like our wall lights. This because they provide good lighting and add a decorative touch to the wall. Some people also choose to hang rustic lamps from their ceiling to give light and a beautiful rural charm to any room. Our rustic lighting can be found in multiple styles and designs. In fact, we also offer industrial-style table and floor lamps.

We do not create the most common industrial wrought iron lamps on the market. In fact, we use only high quality brass, a precious material that lasts over time. For this reason, we would like to point out that our industrial indoor lamps are a conscious purchase and a long-term investment.

rustic brass hanging lamps ghidini giovanni battista
rustic wall lamp ghidini giovanni battista
rustic brass pendant lights ghidini giovanni battista

Rustic Pendant Lights

Do you have a lot of wooden furniture in your living room or dining room? Our rustic pendant lights are useful for highlighting its elegance. These items radiate warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to your interior design.

Another point in favor of this type of Italian lighting is its versatility. In fact, they suit very well also modern environments to add character and harmony to the room, rather than using cold lamps that do not give emotions.

antique solid brass lamps ghidini giovanni battista

Antique Solid Brass Lamps

Our antique solid brass lamps feature a unique finish that has been handed down and innovated from generation to generation, starting with our artisan ancestors, over 170 years of history. Unlike other types of antiquing, our method presents a touch of homogeneity and refinement, qualities of enormous importance for contemporary interior designs. Furthermore, our antique brass lamps, compared to other competitors, have an advantageous quality / price ratio.