Liberty Lamps Made in Italy

We make Liberty Lamps Made in Italy with old world artistic floral style. For many people who have a passion for art, having one or more original Art Nouveau lamps as part of their home décor is simply irresistible. Indeed, these interior design items are characterized by sophistication, history and symbolism.


Liberty Lamps | Italian Lighting

One of the most extraordinary types of original Liberty lamps Made in Italy are those in brass. The design inspires both elegance and grandeur. For this reason, we have created a variety of unique and particular designs. Even today, brass lamps are very popular because they give warmth and harmony to any environment. Moreover, unlike many other manufacturers, we at “Ghidini Giovanni Battista” still craft Art Nouveau lamps by hand for most of the artisan process.

Our floral lamps are very ornamental. Over the years, our artisans have created increasingly unique and artistic designs and creations, which also blend well with modern furnishings to give a touch of the old world.

With us you will find original liberty lamps with a story to tell.

liberty table lamps ghidini giovanni battista
shabby chic wall lights ghidini giovanni battista
floral wall lights ghidini giovanni battista

To complete the liberty style interior design of your hotel, home, bar, restaurant or pub, we offer you Art Nouveau lamps in different types: pendant, table, wall, ceiling and floor lamps.

As our craftsmen pay a lot of attention to even the smallest details, all these lighting creations come with a refined and contemporary style.

Also as regards the finishes, we adopt shades that go well with most of the colors of the interior furnishings. For example, in our lighting catalog, you will find antique brass finishes and ivory nuanced with gold.

In addition to the brass structure, these handcrafted lamps feature also high quality ceramic and glass lampshades.

liberty chandelier in brass ghidini giovanni battista

Liberty Lamps in Brass

Another advantage of using our articles is their durability. In fact we use high quality brass for the creation of our interior design products. Our liberty brass lamps have a unique finish that has been handed down and innovated from generation to generation, starting with our artisan ancestors, over 170 years of history. Unlike other types of antiquing, our method presents a touch of originality and harmony, qualities of enormous importance for today’s interior designs. Furthermore, compared to other competitors, we present an advantageous quality / price ratio.