Italian Bathroom Decor

For about 30 years we have been thinking, designing and manufacturing Italian Brass Bathroom Decor accessories. Our creations contribute to the decoration of hotels, bars, restaurants and homes. These accessories can be found in different styles, colors, finishes and materials.


Italian Bathroom Decor Accessories

You will distinguish our accessories by the quality of the materials, craftsmanship and Italian design, typical of high end bathroom decor accessories. Also, you will find different styles, colors, finishes and materials. After that, they come in different forms, such as: bathroom consoles, shelves, shower arms, soap dish, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, paper holder and towel holder.

We use only premium materials, such as the brass, which guarantees stability over time and unique characteristics, but also glass and ceramic.

The use of brass in bathroom furniture allows, first of all, to avoid the corrosion problems typical of other materials, such as iron.

We also apply on this material different finishes. In fact, we have been studying, exploring and creating lots of new brass finishes in our 170-year history as brass craftsmen.

For this reason, you will find brass bath accessories chromed, 24K gold plated, antique brass, burnished, bronzed, brushed …

luxury italian bathroom decor accessories ghidini giovanni battista
italian brass bathroom decor accessories ghidini giovanni battista
vintage chrome bathroom accessories ghidini giovanni battista

The main purpose of our brass vintage bathroom accessories is the organization of space and the facilitation of cleaning. For this reason, all our products are first of all functional.

Bathroom accessories become useless if you do not insert them in the correct position. It becomes difficult to locate a storage area if these items are placed in the room in an untidy way.

To counter these problems, we have developed several variants of our Italian vintage bathroom accessories to allow multiple allocations and in more specific points. In fact you will find, for the same functionality, wall, top or floor items.

brass bathroom consoles ghidini giovanni battista

Brass Bathroom Consoles

Brass Bathroom Consoles represent our most characteristic item in the Italian Bathroom Decor field. The structure shows brass legs and a washbasin in fused glass. For special projects, we offer the possibility of making marble and ceramic tops. The style of our brass console sink legs varies between classic, vintage and contemporary. Our craftsmen pay extreme attention to small details and this gives us the possibility to create original and recognizable designs.