Brass Outdoor Lighting Made in Italy

We handcraft brass outdoor lighting in our artisan workshops in Italy, with a wide variety of styles, designs and shapes to suit your preferences. They are designed specifically for outdoor use, so they are sturdy, rustproof and weatherproof. In addition, our decorative outdoor lamps are available in an assortment of finishes and shades. So, it doesn’t matter if you are looking for modern or antique lamps, there is a model that will perfectly match your outdoor decor.


Solid Brass Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers

We are Solid Brass Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers.

Deciding on outdoor lighting isn’t as easy as many people think it is. Depending on the specific environment in which the lamp will be used, the lighting system can vary greatly. So it’s important to make sure you select the perfect model for the location. There are so many factors to consider: from outdoor exposure to lighting time, temperature fluctuations and humidity levels.

Outdoor pendant lights are one of the options when it comes to outdoor lighting. One of the characteristics of vintage outdoor hanging lanterns is their slim and elegant design. These lights are ideal for patios, porches and other outdoor spaces. Our decorative lamps are available in a variety of colors, styles and sizes. You will likely be able to find one that will match your design. In case you want to save space vertically in your porches, you can always think of buying an outdoor ceiling light.

vintage outdoor hanging lanterns ghidini giovanni battista
brass outdoor pendant light ghidini giovanni battista
solid brass outdoor wall light ghidini giovanni battista

We also design and manufacture brass outdoor wall lights that provide lighting for your patio or your access and passage areas. They are especially useful if you have outdoor stairs or private spaces that you want well lit.

Outdoor floor lamps offer another form of outdoor lighting. Our lampposts are great because they provide direct lighting when you need it most. They are great for lighting walkways, outdoor patios, gardens and lawns.

antique brass exterior lights ghidini giovanni battista

Antique Brass Exterior Lights

Another advantage of using outdoor lighting is that it is also long-lasting. For this reason we use brass for the realization of most of our articles. Our antique brass exterior lights feature a unique finish that has been handed down and innovated from generation to generation, starting with our artisan ancestors, over 170 years of history. Unlike other types of antiquing, our method presents a touch of originality and harmony, qualities of enormous importance for current exterior designs. Furthermore, compared to other competitors, we present an advantageous quality / price ratio.