Brass Bankers Lamps Made in Italy

Our Brass Bankers Lamps Made in Italy are some of the most sought after collector lamps. This because they combine historical charm and artisan stylistic talent. Most of these lamps are made of brass and green or white glass. They are available in three different categories: antique, classic and contemporary. This article will explore the diverse collection of lamps that make up this unique section of the scope of our Italian lighting. It also explores the ways this iconic lamps can enhance a wide range of interior design themes.


Solid Brass Bankers Lamp

Our Solid Brass Bankers Lamp represents our flagship item in the field of Italian lighting. Our company presents this item in detailed forms and in various styles. For building these lamps, we use only heavy brass with handmade finishes such as: antique brass, satin bronze, brushed gloss, ivory and 24K gold plated. For preventing breackage, we enclose the light in glass, green or white, intelligently protected, or with a brass shade.

This impressive and elegant collection of traditional desk lamps is made in Italy in our artisan workshops. These genuine Italian handcrafted lamps are available at an affordable price to the private public and retailers. Despite this, every single solid brass bankers lamp has a refined grade of quality. Also, it is ideal for use in both formal settings and home furnishings. Above all it represents an excellent gift item for important events.

solid brass bankers lamp made in italy ghidini giovanni battista
traditional bankers lamp brass ghidini giovanni battista
contemporary bankers lamp ghidini giovanni battista

Although the ministerial table lamp is an article with a widely reused design, with our experience and ability, we always try to create new shapes and original styles. Actually, we have created a series of one-of-a-kind designs that look great on a more contemporary design and in step with the times. In fact, in our catalog you will also find innovation with respect to the typical bankers lamps of the 50s. In addition to the classic use on the table, we have explored the possibility of creating designer floor lamps, which can enrich your interior design with originality and harmony.

classic library lamp ghidini giovanni battista

Classic Library Lamp

We are aware of the needs of the end customer, in fact we always try to add practicality to our handcrafted lamps. For this reason, we have been working in this field for years and offer a large collection of brass classic library lamps that offer numerous adjustable joints. In fact, professional offices or libraries often use this type of article for intense study. Thanks to these components, we facilitate the end user to move the light into the correct position.