Art Deco Brass Lamps Made in Italy

With a timeless elegance, our Art Deco Brass Lamps Made in Italy still represent an important part of interior design. In fact, you can find these Italian lamps in lots of homes today, both old and new. Part of the reason for their popularity is that they are able to convey a certain aura of luxury that a home, hotel, bar or restaurant owner wants to project.


Vintage Art Deco Brass Lighting

We create VIntage Art Deco Lighting using only the best materials. In fact, brass represents the most used component within our collection of art deco style lamps. You can also find pretty ornaments with glass, fabrics, ceramics and wood, which make each of our articles unique and valuable.

Within our catalog you will find a great variety of styles, finishes, sizes and types. In fact, we offer a wide range of classic pendant, wall, desk and ceiling lamps.

The style we often draw inspiration from, in the creation of our classic Italian lamps, is certainly Art Deco Lighting. Our artisans combine ancient and innovative methods to create a vintage brass lighting that retains the historical details, but with an addition of refinement typical of contemporary interior design.

vintage art deco wall lights ghidini giovanni battista
art deco lady table lamp ghidini giovanni battista
antique art deco chandelier ghidini giovanni battista

Antique Art Deco Chandelier

The most impressive items in the Art Deco style is certainly the antique brass chandelier. Our classic chandeliers and suspensions have the common characteristic of being able to revolutionize any environment, adding character, refinement and a feeling of luxury. These come in various sizes and can easily fit the specific interior design of hotels, homes, restaurants or bars. For this reason we consider flexibility, in the type of lighting required, one of our greatest strengths. Above all, we would like to specify our tailor-made availability to better create to customer requests.

luxury italian lamps ghidini giovanni battista

Luxury Italian Lamps

Our luxury Italian lamps show all high end features. Our artisans, with experience and a technique in brass processing that is handed down from our first workers in 1849, pay the utmost attention to the smallest details. Each of our lamps is handcrafted and handmade. Unlike the usual traditional lamps with classic style, our luxury Italian lamps also incorporate innovative techniques to ensure the highest refinement and elegance of the final lighting product.