Italian Lighting Manufacturers

We love being Italian Lighting Manufacturers. Over 170 years of passion, dedication and a precious heritage of works. All our Italian lamps have the common purpose of bringing art into people’s lives. This is why we have been giving life, for all these years, to unique shapes with an artistic design.

brass lamps made in italy ghidini giovanni battista

Brass Lamps Made in Italy

You will fall in love with our brass lamps Made in Italy because we know the importance of materials. We are an Italian Light Company and brass is definitely our soul mate. We have always studied, modeled and treated with love this wonderful material … and we are still fascinated by its beauty, malleability and durability.

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Italian Lighting Designers & Manufacturers

We are designers and manufacturers of Italian Brass artisan Lighting, for interiors and exteriors, and brass bathroom decor. Our story begins in 1849 and reaches today with the same passion and dedication of the past. Handicraft production still represents the key to all our creations, boasting processing methods handed down from generation to generation.


Luxury Italian Lamps in Brass

Our Luxury Italian lamps are very elaborate, with ornate styling and colors that artistically cover the entire spectrum of the Italian Lighting design. In fact, the shapes and curves of our decorative lamps represent an excellent solution for various styles of furniture: rustic, classic, vintage, liberty and contemporary. Here, the Italian craftsmen pay close attention to the many details of each lamp, as well as the colors and finishes. The history of our Italian manufacturing began a long time ago, in fact we have been brass craftsmen since 1849. Over time our “Ghidini Giovanni Battista” brand has spread its popularity all over the world, as a synonym for Italian quality lighting designer & manufacturer, at the right price. Our Italian lamps today can be found in many homes, bars, restaurants and hotels in Europe, Russia and the United States.

When you come into contact with our Italian Light Company, you are embraced by a rich choice of decorative table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, suspensions, ceiling and floor lamps. The various styles, colors, shapes and sizes facilitate the combination and enrich the interior and exterior furnishings of hotels, pubs, bars, restaurants and homes.

vintage art deco wall lights ghidini giovanni battista
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Brass Bankers Lamps

One of our flagship products is certainly the solid brass bankers lamp. In fact, our first creation in this field dates back to about 40 years ago. The bankers lamp in brass and green glass represents a large part of our history in Italian lighting. For their realization, we have always combined style with practicality. In fact, our banker lamps often feature adjustable components to direct the light into the correct position.

All of our handcrafted lamps are made in our Italian Light Company, based in Lumezzane, Northern Italy.

Decorative Italian Lamps

There are also many contemporary designs that take inspiration by ancient Italian lamps. For example, within our catalogs you will find a wide range of art deco and art nouveau lamps that are inspired by past generations, but with a contemporary and refined reinterpretation. These decorative Italian lamps are available in a wide range of styles, colors and materials. Our Italian lighting fixtures design reflects the interplay of form, function, impression and texture. Metal or glass based lamps are common objects in contemporary furnishings.

In additon, one of our main purposes, as Italian Light Company, is to decorate with style and art. This is because they create a warm environment and impart a feeling of beauty and warmth to the environment. Another common use of Italian lamps is for outdoor lighting. They add soft shapes and subtle color accents to gardens and driveways, particularly near doors and passageways. Another feature of our brass outdoor lamps is certainly their construction quality, which gives them a long durability in adverse weather conditions.

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